License Management

Learn about Oobeya License Management.

Before using Oobeya, make sure you have a valid or trial license key defined in the Oobeya Administration Panel.

Navigate to Administration -> Go To Admin Settings -> License Management, and enter your license key.

There are two types of License which are defined as:

1- ) Without Limitations

Oobeya with an unlimited license key allows you to use all features without any limitations.

2- ) With Limitations

Oobeya with a limited license key allows you to use some specific features. In the beginning, some of the addons and limitations that Oobeya allows you to create teams, profiles, etc. are already defined. Hence, you can not exceed these limitations.

If your license key is a type of limited license, you are going to see the limitations list on the same page as in the following.

If your license will expire soon, a pop-up will be displayed on your screen. You can click on the 'Contact Sales' link to renew your license.

If your license expires, the following message will be shown on your screen:

Once your license expires, you can no longer use Oobeya.

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