Adding a New User

Follow the steps below to add a new user.

1. Navigate to Administration Panel > Admin Settings.

2. Open Users & Groups.

3. Click the "New User" button.

4. Enter the user information.

5. Set the application role (User, Admin) and company role (developer, team lead, product manager...) of the user. Select teams to lead, if the user has a leading role such as Team Lead, Manager, or Director...

Role(s): Pre-defined application roles to manage permissions of the users. (Default is 'Role User')

  • Role User can only access the dashboards which are shared with her/him and see her/his own scorecard.

  • Role Admin has the right to manage all operations and can access all dashboards and scorecards.

Company Role: Pre-defined roles to address which role the user has in the organization. You can customize the company role list for your organization.

6. Click "Add" to create the user account.

Note: The user will be created with a default password. After first login, the system forces the user to change the password.

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