Symptoms Catalog

Oobeya helps software development organizations identify symptoms and areas for improvement in their development and delivery processes.

What Oobeya Offers

The Oobeya Symptoms module is a powerful tool for detecting and addressing problems in software development and delivery processes. By collecting and analyzing data from a variety of sources, the module is able to identify and alert teams to issues such as recurring anti-patterns, bad practices, and bottlenecks.

The Oobeya Symptoms module includes the following features:

  • Identification of patterns and trends that may indicate problems or inefficiencies

  • Alerts and recommendations for addressing detected issues


The Oobeya Symptoms module can help teams improve their software development and delivery processes in the following ways:

  • By identifying and addressing issues that may be causing delays or inefficiencies, teams can improve their efficiency and productivity

  • By providing alerts and recommendations for addressing detected problems, the module can help teams take proactive action to prevent future issues

  • By generating reports at various levels, the module can help teams understand the root causes of problems and identify areas for improvement

Available Symptoms (coming more soon)

The Oobeya Symptoms module currently includes the following symptoms:

  1. Recurring high rework rate (Development Symptom)

  2. Recurring high cognitive load (Development Symptom)

  3. High weekend activity (Development Symptom)

  4. High technical debt on Sonarqube (Code Quality Symptom)

  5. High vulnerabilities on Sonarqube (Code Quality Symptom)

  6. High code quality bugs on Sonarqube (Code Quality Symptom)

  7. Unreviewed Pull Requests (Code Review Symptom)

  8. Lightning Pull Requests (Code Review Symptom)

  9. Oversize Pull Requests (Code Review Symptom)

  10. High Code Review Time (Code Review Symptom)

  11. High Lead Time For Changes (DORA) (Delivery Symptom)

  12. Low Deployment Frequency (DORA) (Delivery Symptom)

  13. High Change Failure Rate (DORA) (Delivery Symptom)

No #SmyptomSymptom Source


Gitwiser - Git Analytics (VCS tools)


Gitwiser - Git Analytics (VCS tools)


Gitwiser - Git Analytics (VCS tools)


Gitwiser - PR Analytics (VCS tools)








Gitwiser - PR Analytics (VCS tools)


Gitwiser - PR Analytics (VCS tools)


Gitwiser - PR Analytics (VCS tools)


Gitwiser - DORA Metrics (VCS + CICD + APM/IM tools)


Gitwiser - DORA Metrics (VCS + CICD + APM/IM tools)


Gitwiser - DORA Metrics (VCS + CICD + APM/IM tools)

Symptom Catalog

Each symptom includes a description, potential complications, possible causes, improvement areas, and a detection method. By identifying and addressing these symptoms, teams can improve their software development and delivery processes and achieve better outcomes.

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