🎁Oobeya 2023 Q3 - Release Notes

Check out the new features and improvements we've released for you.

🎉 Exciting updates and enhancements await you in Oobeya's Quarter 3 release! We've introduced new features and made improvements to enhance your agility and provide valuable insights into your development processes.


  1. AgileSpace Board Analysis Customization (Jira Cloud/Server, Azure DevOps Boards Cloud/Server)

    • Tailor your AgileSpace board analysis with customized workflow status mapping and effort field mapping. This feature allows you to adapt AgileSpace to your unique workflow requirements.

  2. AgileSpace & Team Scorecard Relation

    • Strengthen the connection between AgileSpace and Team Scorecard. This enhancement ensures that AgileSpace data contributes to comprehensive team performance metrics.

  3. Team Scorecard Agile Board Summary Metrics (Scrum and Kanban Boards)

    • Visualize board summary metrics directly in the Team Scorecard. Gain quick insights into your team's progress and performance without navigating to multiple screens.

  4. Gitwiser Analysis History

    • View the Gitwiser analysis history to track past analysis duration and health. This feature provides a detailed view of past analyses.

  5. Running and Pending Analyses on Gitwiser's Main Page

    • Stay informed about the status of your analyses with a quick glance at Gitwiser's main page. Easily track running and pending analyses to keep your development processes on track.

  6. Impact Ratio on Team Scorecard

    • Measure and track the cognitive load of software developers with the newly introduced Impact Ratio on the Team Scorecard. This metric provides valuable insights into the workload of your development team.

  7. Export Team Scorecard Metrics to Excel

    • Take your team's metrics with you by exporting Team Scorecard metrics, including development, delivery, and DORA metrics, to an Excel document. This feature enhances flexibility in data analysis and reporting.


  • Oobeya API Enhancements

    • Enjoy enhanced capabilities with the Team API and the ability to trigger Gitwiser re-analysis processes through the API. These improvements streamline integration and workflow automation.

  • Oobeya Deployment API Enhancements

    • Experience a more robust DORA Metrics tracking with enhancements to the Oobeya Deployment API.

  • Pull Reqests WIP Widget Enhancements

    • Display Author, Assignee, and Reviewer columns for the Pull Request Work in Progress (WIP) widget in both Gitwiser and Team Scorecard. This enhancement provides additional context and clarity in your pull request workflows.

  • User List Enhancements

    • Gain a clearer picture of your user base by showing the total number of users on user lists, including both active and inactive profiles. This enhancement improves user management and visibility.

  • License Limit Tracking on Admin Panel

    • Keep a close eye on your licensing limits with the new feature that shows available/total values on the Admin Panel. Easily track remaining limits and ensure compliance with licensing agreements.

We're thrilled to deliver these enhancements to empower your teams and improve your overall Oobeya experience. If you have any questions or feedback, our support team is ready to assist you.


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