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OOBEYA-2.0.4 - New Jira Widgets, Metric Thresholds, Improvements, UI/UX Enhancements, and more...

We are excited to introduce our new features and improvements. We have added new widgets for Jira Server & Cloud and implemented a new infrastructure for setting metric thresholds on dashboard widgets.
OOBEYA-2.0.0 - Git Analytics: Commit Work Type, Commit Impact, Scorecards Enhancements, and more...
We are excited to introduce major features under "Git Analytics" that strive to make your teams more productive. We have improved Gitwiser (our analyzer for Git repositories) to analyze coding activities deeper and to pinpoint bottlenecks in the software development process.
Oobeya 2.0 now provides you more metrics and insights to open the black-boxes of your engineering processes.
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