Oobeya Apr & May 2022 Updates
Check out the new features and improvements we've released for you.

β€‹β€‹πŸŽ New Features

Deployment Analytics (DORA Metrics) - GITHUB ACTIONS Integration

Oobeya Deployment Analytics now works with GitHub Actions. If you have a [Git Repo X GitHub Actions] pipeline configured, you can calculate DORA metrics by using Oobeya.
Best tool to track DORA metrics: Why Oobeya Deployment Analytics?
Oobeya Deployment Analytics works with GitLab CI, AzureDevOps, Jenkins, and GitHub Actions for now.
Coming soon: Spinnaker, BB Pipelines, Octopus, and more...

New Dashboard Widget: DORA METRICS

We've developed a new widget to show DORA Metrics on our customizable Dashboards. You can now add DORA Metrics widget to your Dashboards by clicking "New Widget > Oobeya Widgets / Gitwiser".
Oobeya Dashboards - DORA Metrics Widget


  • AgileSpace - Azure DevOps Time To Market metric calculation (created to deployed)
  • Added β€œDelivered Story Points” column to Sprint Assignee table
  • Added Issue Type filter for AgileSpace widgets
  • Performance improvements
  • UI/UX improvements.