Adding A New Dashboard

Learn about Dashboards and how to create a new Dashboard...


Dashboards are a set of Widgets with a customizable view.

You can create:

  • Custom dashboards with your own Data Sources to visualize real-time metrics in a single place.

  • Dashboards with a selected date range in order to watch your progress on your daily stand-ups and/or sprint reviews/retros.

  • Public Dashboards that everyone see in organization.

  • Private Dashboards to share them with your team members or managers.

  • Quality monitoring dashboards to get visibility into the key metrics, such as time to merge, technical debt, issues, test coverage, avg. response time, error rate, open bugs...


1. Open the Oobeya home page.

2. Click the "New Dashboard" button.

3. Select "Create Custom Dashboard" and fill in the form.

4. You can set the privacy of Dashboards as Public or Private.

5. Click "Add" button, then your Dashboard is ready to use.


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