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As part of our objective to be the stand-out product for software development organizations that are eager about getting complete visibility into software quality and productivity, we’re excited to announce that QA Dashboard is rebranding as Oobeya.
Read the announcement: QA Dashboard is now Oobeya​

How Oobeya Can Help You?

Oobeya collects quality-related metrics by connecting to your own tools to enable real-time monitoring of the entire software development life cycle & analyzes code repositories to measure development efficiency.
Get complete visibility of your software's health with Oobeya.

Why Choose Oobeya?

  • Easy-To-Use & Powerful Dashboards
  • End-to-end Quality Monitoring
  • DevOps Metrics Monitoring
  • Real-Time Metrics and Insights From Your Own Tools
  • Repository Analytics For Git, SVN, TFVC
  • Developer & Team-Based View Of Real-Time Data
  • SDLC/ALM Tools Integrations

Let's Start Dashboarding !..

See Oobeya in action ---> Oobeya Playground​
Host your own free instance with limited features ---> Oobeya Limited Docker Edition​
Last modified 6mo ago