OOBEYA-2.0.4 - Release Notes

- New Jira Widgets, Metric Thresholds, Improvements, UI/UX Enhancements, and more...

We are excited to introduce our new features and improvements. We have added new widgets for Jira Server & Cloud and implemented a new infrastructure for setting metric thresholds on dashboard widgets.


Metrics With JQL Widget - New Metric: Resolution Time (avg)

We've added a new metric type for "Metrics With JQL Widget": Resolution Time (avg). This metric shows the average resolution time of the issues for the given JQL.
The "Resolution Time" is the difference between an issue's Resolution Date and Created date. See the Jira docs here.
Average Resolution Time in 2021
project = DAS AND Resolution = Done AND resolved >= startOfYear()

Jira Issue Search Widget - New Column: Resolution Time

We've added a new column for "Jira Issue Search Widget": Resolution Time. This column shows the resolution time of each issue in the table.
Resolution Time column for Jira Issues Table Widget.
Resolved Issues in 2021 with resolution time.

New Widget: Jira Issue Aging Chart

We've launched a new widget for Jira Cloud & Server Addon: Jira Issue Aging Chart. This widget visualizes the age of open issues for the given JQL.
Visualizes the age of unresolved issues.
Issue Aging Chart

Metric Threshold For JQL Widget

We've built an infrastructure for Metric Thresholds and released the first widget implementation.
You can now set thresholds for the metrics in the "Metrics With JQL" Widget.
Setting metric thresholds.
Metrics With JQL Widget

Gitwiser PR Analysis: GitHub Pull Request Review Stats

We've added a new widget "Review Stats" for Gitwiser's Pull Request Analytics (PRA) module. Now, this feature is only available for GitHub Addon.
Shows the Pull Request review stats to pinpoint bottlenecks of the code review process.


Show Company Roles In The User Table

We've added a new column to the user table:
Administration > Users & Groups

New Company Role: Tech Lead

We've added a new company role to the role list: Tech Lead. You can add it to your company role list.

Suggest Repositories While Initializing Team Scorecard

We've started to suggest Git repositories related to team members while initializing Team Scorecard.
Team Scorecard Initialize

Select Automatically If There Is Only One Branch

We've started to select the branch automatically if there is only one branch available.
Team Scorecard Initialize

Gitwiser - Commits Per File List

We've increased the number of files listed in the "Commits Per File" widget:
Commits Per File - Top 50


  • Fixed - Navigate to the analysis pending page after updating the Gitwiser Analysis exclusion list.
  • Fixed - Upper-Level team list problem while adding a new team.