Oobeya March 2022 Updates

Check out the new features and improvements we've released for you.


We are super excited to introduce our new features and improvements.
  • [BETA] Deployment Analytics (DA) - DORA Metrics
  • DA - Jenkins Integration
  • DA - Git Release Integration
  • DA - Team Goals
  • DA - Automated Reanalyze
  • DA - Time Period Comparison
  • DA - Deploy Size
  • DA - DORA Metrics on Team Scorecards
  • Gitwiser Active Analytics Types
  • AgileSpace Reset Analysis
  • Download System Logs

[BETA] Deployment Analytics (DORA Metrics)

Calculating DORA metrics is not easy. We're still working on the Deployment Analytics module so that teams can effortlessly track accurate DORA metrics calculated by Oobeya.
Best tool to track DORA metrics: Why Oobeya Deployment Analytics?
Discover DORA Metrics with Oobeya:
Oobeya Deployment Analytics works with GitLab CI, AzureDevOps, Jenkins for now.
Coming soon: GitHub Actions, Spinnaker, BB Pipelines, Octopus, and more...

New Integrations

1- Deployment Analytics (DORA metrics) - Jenkins Integration

Oobeya Deployment Analytics now works with Jenkins. If you have a [Git Repo X Jenkins] pipeline configured, you can calculate DORA metrics by using Oobeya.
GitLab-GitHub-Bitbucket-AzureDevOps X Jenkins

2- Deployment Analytics (DORA metrics) - Git Release

Calculate DORA metrics without pipeline configuration (Git Release)
Oobeya Deployment Analytics now works without any CI/CD pipeline integration. You can calculate DORA metrics just by selecting the git branch your team released.
Select the git branch your team released

New Features

1- Deployment Analytics - Team Goals

You can set your organizations' default goals for each stage of the "Lead Time For Changes" breakdown.
Deployment Analytics default goals - Admin Panel
Oobeya checks these goals and displays warnings on the deployment flow to show you where you may improve.
Lead Time For Changes breakdown - where you may improve.

2- Deployment Analytics - Automated Reanalyze

We've added new functionality for Deployment Analtyics (BETA): Automated Reanalyze is now ready to use!

3- Deployment Analytics - Time Period Comparison

To track the changes in DORA metrics, we've added a time period comparison: "Last week" vs. "Previous week".
"Last 6 months" vs. "Previous 6 months"

4- Deployment Analytics - Deploy Size

We've started to show the size of each deployment pipeline: Small, Medium, Large, Gigantic.
Deploy Size

5- DORA Metrics on Team Scorecards

Oobeya Team Scorecards now display DORA Metrics, allowing you to track and improve metrics (Lead Time For Changes, Deployment Frequency) at the team level.

6- Gitwiser - Active Analytics Types

On Gitwiser's home page, we've started to show active analytics types for repositories. You can now navigate to the analysis results with ease.
Gitwiser Active Analytics Types

7- AgileSpace - Reset Analysis Button

You can now reset your existing AgileSpace Board Analytics reports via the "Reset Analysis" button. After clicking the button, all history will be removed, but your settings and configuration will be preserved.
Oobeya AgileSpace Reset Board Analysis

8- Administration - Download System Logs

Now you can download system logs from the administration panel.
System Logs