How To Calculate DORA Metrics for Azure DevOps

Oobeya tracks deployment pipelines and calculates accurate DORA Metrics from commit to prod deployment (not PR Merged). No changes required to pipelines; effortlessly integrates with current tools.

Oobeya integrates seamlessly with GitLab + GitHub + Jira + Sonar + GitLab CI + GitHub Actions + Jenkins + TeamCity + Azure DevOps, and many more…

You can calculate DORA Metrics with cross platform analysis as well:

  • Azure DevOps Repos x Jenkins

  • Azure DevOps Repos x GitLab CI

  • Azure DevOps Repos x GitHub Actions

  • Azure DevOps Repos x TeamCity

  • GitHub x Azure DevOps Releases

  • and more...

Learn below how to calculate DORA Metrics for Azure DevOps Repos + Azure DevOps Release.


How To Calculate DORA Metrics for Azure DevOps

1. Go to Gitwiser's main page.

2. Click on "AzureDevops"

3. Click on "Git"

4. Select your Data Source

5. Select your Project from the project list

6. Select your Code Repository from the list

7. Select your deployment branch --> master, main, release, prod, etc.

8. Select "Deployment Analytics" option to calculate DORA Metri

9. Select your CI/CD tool from the list

10. Select Data Source, Project, and Environment for your Deployments

11. Click on Start Analysis

12. Gitwiser Analysis has started. Click on the "Return to page" button and wait for the results

13. Click on the "Deployment Analytics" tab and see the DORA Metrics

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