Jira Cloud Integration

Learn about Jira Cloud & Oobeya integration...

1. Generate Jira Cloud API Token

  1. Click on the profile picture at the top right of the screen, then select Account Settings.

2. Open the "Security" tab.

3. Click the link "Create and manage API tokens" under the API Token section.

4. Click the "Create API token" button at the top of the page.

5. Fill out the Label area as you prefer. Make sure you copy your new API token for further use.

2. Install Jira Addon on Oobeya 🧩

  1. Log in to Oobeya with an Administrator account.

  2. Navigate to Market Place and select the Jira addon and then click the "Install" button.

3. Add A New Data Source 🔌

1. Navigate to Data Sources, select Jira to add a new data source.

2. Click the "New Data Source" button and fill in the form.

  • Server URL: Enter your Jira Cloud account URL (e.g. https://yourcompany.atlassian.net)

  • Username: Enter the email address registered on Jira Cloud.

  • Password: Enter the API Token which was created on Jira settings in the first step.

3.Click the "Test Connection" button to verify the connection.

4. Select the "Set as default" option in order to provide a default data source to the Scorecards.

Ready to Connect 🚀

Now Oobeya is connected with your own Jira Cloud account to get the real-time project management data of your organization.

Next Steps 🎯

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