Adding A New Widget

Learn about widgets and how to add a new widget to your Dashboards...


Widgets are the basic visualization panels that build Dashboards in order to enable real-time quality monitoring.

Each widget is designed to clearly visualize the data collected from your own Data Sources.


  1. Open the Dashboard you want to add a new widget.

  2. Click the "New Widget" button.

  3. Select an addon to add a widget. You can only see the addons that you have installed and added a data source before.

4. Select the Data Source you want to use.

5. Browse or search for the projects/applications/components that you want to visualize. Some of the widgets are supported for multiple selection.

6. Each addon has its own predefined widgets. You can select and add predefined widgets to visualize your data easily.

7. Select a period for your widget. Predefined Widgets visualize your data for the selected date range (on a timeline, or with a comparison...).


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