OOBEYA-2.0.8 - Release Notes

OOBEYA-2.0.8 🚀 - New Jira Widgets, Sentry Self-hosted Support, Improvements, UI/UX Enhancements, and more...

🎉 We are excited to introduce our new features and improvements. We have added new widgets for Jira Server & Cloud and implemented a new infrastructure for setting metric thresholds on dashboard widgets.


Jira Sprint Report - Work Distribution Widget 📊

We've added a new Jira widget to visualize work distribution for reporting Sprints. You can track and analyze your teams' work with this widget.

Jira Issue Distribution Chart Widget 🍩

We've added a new widget for Jira to show issue distribution. Generate the distribution chart of Jira issues by using custom JQLs.

This helps you see the breakdown of a set of issues, at a glance.

Azure DevOps Deployment Frequency Widget 📊

Azure DevOps Lead Time Widget 📈


Sentry Self-hosted Integration 🧩

We have already integrated with Sentry Cloud, now we've started to support Sentry's self-hosted edition.

Improvements On Work Type Table 💪

We've added new metrics to the work type table on Team Scorecard.

We have added a link to the data source modal to reach the integration document easily.

Unlock User From Admin Panel 🔓

Now you are able to unlock the locked user accounts from the administration panel.

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