Sprint Reports

Let's learn about the structure of Sprint Report page.

The Sprint Reports page allows us to observe different metrics per sprint. This helps us to track the performance and history of the issues that belong to your team.

Sprint Velocity Metrics: Users can observe the number of issues by count and the amount of estimated effort per sprint.

Sprint Assignee List: It represents the team members assigned issues in the sprint.

Tracking of issue statuses:

  • Completed Issues in Sprint: The list of work items/tickets completed at the end of the sprint.

  • Incomplete Issues in Sprint: The list of work items/tickets remaining incomplete at the end of the sprint.

  • Removed Issues In Sprint: The count of work items intentionally dropped from the ongoing sprint. (Pulled-in extra work items are also counted if they are dropped from the sprint before the end of the sprint.)

  • Issue Distribution: It is the distribution of issue types and priorities for both issue count and story points for the sprint.

  • Scope Change: It shows the changes during this sprint as story count and estimated effort.

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