TestRail Integration

Learn about TestRail & Oobeya integration...

  1. Click "Administration" on the right as follows:

2. Click "Site Settings":

3. Click to the "API" tab, select the "Enable API" option, and click the "Save Settings" button:

  1. Log in to Oobeya with an Administrator account.

  2. Navigate to Market Place and select the TestRail addon and then click the "Install" button.

  1. Navigate to Data Sources and select TestRail to add a new data source.

2. Click the "New Data Source" button and fill in the form as :

  • Data Source Name: You can enter any name for your TestRail Data Source.

  • Server URL: Enter this area (ex: https://<yourCompany>.testrail.io).

  • Username: The username that you use to sign in to the TestRail.

  • Password: The password that you use to sign in to the TestRail.

3. Click the "Test Connection" button to verify the connection.

Now Oobeya is connected with your own TestRail Cloud to track & visualize the status of tests with dashboards and reports.

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