Adding Notifications for MS Teams

Learn about how to add notifications for Microsoft Teams channels...


Oobeya has an integration with Microsoft Teams to send notification messages and reports into your own channels. See the steps below to add channels, connectors, and incoming webhooks for MS Teams.

After creating incoming webhooks, you can connect the Oobeya notification service with Microsoft Teams.

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams and open the Teams tab.

  2. Click the "Add channel" option to create a new Teams channel.

3. Enter the channel name and select the privacy option.

4. Add members to the channel and close the popup.

  1. Select the "Connectors" option for the channel.

2. Click the Configure button for the Incoming Webhook.

3. Enter a name for the connector (e.g. qa-dashboard) and upload an icon (optional). Then click Create.

4. Copy the Webhook URL. It will be used for the Oobeya notification configuration.

5. You can find your configured Incoming Webhook URLs on the connectors popup when needed.

  1. Open the Profiles & Teams. Select the Teams tab to add a team notification.

  2. Click the Add Notification button and configure the notification settings.

3. You can test the connection via the "Send Notification Now" button.

4. Click Add to save the notification settings.

That's it! Now you have a scheduled notifier for your Microsoft Teams channel.

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