GIT Repository Analytics


Oobeya analyzes code repositories and get insights about development productivity with Gitwiser Repository Analytics.
Gitwiser analyzes and visualizes the development activities and metrics of your engineering teams by performing repository analysis. With the help of Gitwiser Repository Analytics, you can identify bottlenecks of your development processes and find the problematic units.
Gitwiser makes the development process visible and increases your productivity and efficiency.


1. Click the "Gitwiser" icon on the left sidebar. Then click the "New Analysis" button.
2. Select your SCM addon to analyze code repositories.
3. Select your Data Source. Then select project/repository/branch that you want to analyze.
4. Click the "Start Analysis" button to initialize a new Gitwiser Repository Analysis.
5. Now Gitwiser started to analyze your code repository. It may take some time to analyze all the repository history.
6. When the analysis is finished, you can see the results on the Gitwiser home page. Click on the repository name and navigate to the analysis result.