Learn about AppDynamics & Oobeya Integration...

Create A Local User for Oobeya

  1. Access Appdynamics Controller and click the top right button on the screen.

2. Select the “Administration

3. In the "Users" tab, click “Create” and fill in the required fields.

4. Add Roles by clicking the "Add” button below the Roles section.

5. Select the listed role, then create the account by clicking “Save”.

Install AppDynamics Addon on Oobeya

  1. Log in to Oobeya with an Administrator account.

  2. Navigate to Market Place and select the Appdynamics addon and then click the "Install" button.

Add A New Data Source

  1. Navigate to Data Sources, and select Appdynamics to add a new data source.

  2. Click the "New Data Source" button and fill in the form by using the Account which was created on Appdynamics in the first step. You can type any name you want for the "Data Source Name" field.

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